Online Draft & Rivals

Enjoy Completed Automated Gaming Experience In Drafts & Rivals

Note : This Feature need Pxilok Trainer Installed in your PC

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Gamebot Support 2 Modes : Online Draft & Divison Rivals

Programmed to Play First 5 Placement Games of Rivals

Programmed to Play Full Draft Over and Over Again

Can easily play upto 15 games in one Hour

Bot can easily switch between multiple accounts on a hourly basic or user defined match basis

Bot Is programmed not to Stop and Keep on Playing

Keep upto date with your Matches with Telegram Notification

Perfect for Using it when you goto Sleep, work, school

For Bot to work, you need to have Pxilok Software Installed on your PC

Earning Potential : Unlimited

Risk Potential : High

Ban Chances : 100%